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I am an unpublished author struggling with organization. Laura Drake February 25, at 4: It gives me a better connection to my creative spark, for some reason. best college essay help honors I have the same habit on my blog because I have a separate doc file for the blog. March 1, at 4:

Connie February 25, at 2: Stand by — sending now! Vicki February 25, at 6: Mary Ellen Bramwell February 25, at 8:

Good luck to you! I can see using Excel with Scrivner, especially if you move to pie charts, etc. I get way too wordy doing it in my version with each scene listed. help for essay writing service free If you can open the program, you can do this. March 7, at

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Laura Drake February 26, at 1: Would love a copy, please. Thanks again, See you on the book shelves. Book writing help xls Thank you in advance. I like to be able to physically move my scenes around, then stand back tag look at the design.

Some of the characters are primary in one novel but secondary in another, and vice versa. What do you use to organize your WIP? I suspect this is my answer. Book writing help xls Saving for when I start up the next book. What a brilliant tool you have!

Yes, please, I would love a copy to further explore these ideas as I begin a new project. I write down ideas as they come and then I can sort and resort, putting them where they belong. Book writing help xls Janna Roznos February 25, at 8:

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Love my index cards! This looks like a much better way of keeping track than a handful of note cards. Hopefully, this post will help. help me write a thesis statement for free college essays This is a great idea, Laura.

September 5, at 7: I will definitely try to use this. Heidi Ulrich February 25, at 3:

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Thank you so much for posting this! Keeping track of details in your writing March 17, at 8: I could do with a copy. Best, Stephanie Laura Drake February 25, at 5: If you can open it, you can DO this!

That would allow you to immediately see if the key turning points were in the right place etc. And a chapter outline document in my chapter file. Book writing help xls But whatever floats each boat … with oars or motors … keep cutting through those turbulent tides and have a blast. Laurie, I am working on my first book and this is very helpful.

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