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Rising temperatures due to global warming would result in melting of polar ice-caps which will trigger severe floods, droughts and other extreme weather conditions. You are commenting using your WordPress. custom writing essay services on community E-mail required, but will not display. Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. And when it can be prevented we do not have to find ways to live with it.

Also, governments should organise some campaigns that would promote waste recycling, put rules to protect wild life, and encourage the growing of more and more trees. Like us on Facebook. thesis statement example high school Industries that are certified green should be charged lower tax rate. These are my recommendations. More focus should be made on using alternative petroleum products that are environment-friendly.

Menu Submit Your Essay. Notify me of follow-up comments. depression research paper thesis pdf Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it.

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Global Warming — Causes and Solutions, 2. Furthermore, governments and individuals could decrease the energy consumption by decreasing the number of flights, using public transport to decrease using of cars. Buy a essay on global warming ielts We need to invest in alternative energy sources like solar and wind. I disagree with this view because climate change can be prevented to a great extent.

Rapid advancements in technology have given humans several tools to fight global warming. Furthermore, governments and individuals could decrease the energy consumption by decreasing the number of flights, using public transport to decrease using of cars. Buy a essay on global warming ielts There are many causes of global warming, but it is mostly due to the greenhouse effect. Moreover, a large number of animals also produce methane, the most powerful greenhouse gas, in their gut and release it in the atmosphere. It was triggered by our actions.

This is a vicious cycle and we must get out of it. Drift in the environmental system is largely due to global warming which has become an acute problem. Buy a essay on global warming ielts Since the fossil fuel is the source of the carbon dioxide, the governments could help with that by legislating laws to limit the usage of it in the factories and other industries. They also produce greenhouse gases. Join other followers.

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Both the government and the media need to create awareness about the growing threat caused by rising temperatures and changing climate. Eco-friendly transportation like Bicycle should be used and the number of private cars should be decreased. grant writing services workshops 2017 indianapolis The argument that instead of preventing climate change we need to explore alternative ways to live with it shows our unwillingness to change our irresponsible ways.

However, a few steps can be taken to solve this issue either by the government or the community, including social planting and restricting the use of fossil fuels. Written by - Nehal. help to write an essay your family in spanish Global Warming — Causes and Solutions.

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It was a really great help. Letter To A Transport Company. Buy a essay on global warming ielts Manufacturing of products requires consumption of fossil fuels such as coal and oils which, when burnt, produce carbon dioxide. Human usage many fuels and fossils and these all lead to the production of gases and hence rising in global temperature, also the greatest increase in the number of the population leading to a great decline in natural resources. Unfortunately, what we do to reduce the heat inside our homes and offices increases global warming.

When we burn fossil fuels, we are producing many gases that increase global warming. As it can be seen, global warming has been caused by primarily by human activities. Buy a essay on global warming ielts In addition, the government should encourage people to use public transport systems. Factories and vehicles result in the emission of carbon gases and fumes which are depleting the ozone layer surrounding the earth. The last decade saw a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles on the road.

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