Law dissertation research methods

You may want to rely on material from philosophy, psychology, literature, history, politics, etc. Try not to over rely on any one source or type of source i. buy an essay definition Plan to give yourself time to draft, redraft, redraft, redraft, redraft, etc.

Question whether the evidence and reasons are accurate, consistent, relevant, convincing? It is very much about you and your interests, so enjoy. Thinking The dissertation or research project needs to show that the author has thought deeply and thoroughly about the project.

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If your purpose is unclear to yourself or your reader, then it is likely that the dissertation will be confused. Proposal Content Your research proposal should be approximately words and should include: You may have the possibility to choose a topic which has no connection to a module you have chosen. Law dissertation research methods See then if the order of the paragraphs makes sense.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module Grasp law research theories and skills in order to continue with their own independent research Undertake and complete advanced level legal research Formulate a research proposal and appropriate research questions Undertake a critical analysis of literature relevant to a chosen research topic Analyse and develop a sustained written legal argument Present new research proposals both orally and in writing Organise field work necessary to the completion of a research project Workload Weekly 2 hour seminar Scope and syllabus Students on this module will be actively encouraged to discuss the structure, methods and theoretical implications of their own research. In some instances the difference between plagiarism and bad academic practice is unclear. Law dissertation research methods Critical thinking is one of the most important, if not the most important, skill you should develop at University. The point is that you need to be sceptical about material found on the web.

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Understandably a student will want to feel that he or she is doing something; writing a few hundred words, reading a paper or even downloading it all feel like work. The dissertation is the culmination of your degree. explain how paraphrasing can be helpful listening tool Avoid wordiness, verbiage, trying to look too smart. Be careful when cross referencing in footnotes — it is easy to make mistakes.

The key to avoiding plagiarism or bad academic practice is to get into good habits when it comes to note taking and referencing. If not then delete it. architecture thesis projects sheets So assess you research methods in the light of your purpose and approach. If a module syllabus clearly indicates that a particular court case or treaty or statute is relevant to the topic then consider carefully including it.

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Check for any omissions or errors and correct them before you move on to the next section. Does it link to the next paragraph? I once had a student who unfortunately relied on a Neo-Nazi website; the student was hardly to blame as the website was disguised to portray itself as an academic resource. Law dissertation research methods This is sometimes expressed in different ways. When proofreading, you may want to proofread in stages Goldstein and Lieberman , ie proofread once to check the overall flow of the narrative; proofread a second time to check how paragraphs link together; proofread a third time to pick up on spelling and grammar; proofread a fourth time to check citations.

So assess you research methods in the light of your purpose and approach. Has the student thought through his or her approach? Your writing will also help develop your research and your thinking. Law dissertation research methods Certainly these should not be a major source in your dissertation.

Some of these are free to use and rely on a web based interface Refworks, or Mendeley , while others are more expensive and may require loading a programme on to a particular machine Endnote. You need a certain distance from your work in order to proofread it properly. Law dissertation research methods As ever, bear in mind your supervisor, school and university will all have their own requirements and you should heed these. Just as the chapters must be logically structured, so must the paragraphs.

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