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I'm just new at this and I have this question I would love you can answer and it's what did you do with all the stuff you had that was plastic? Hey Kyla, Thank you so much for your comment! This is great, and I'm all for it. But what about paper waste?

Thank you so much for your comment! I have a dog and I produce a lot of waste using plastic bags to remove her poo from the streets… what I can use instead? I was concerned about what to do with it when it needed replacing so i called the factory and asked.

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I was wondering if you had ever found a zero waste alternative to wine and spirit bottles? I looked up a recipe for making it on my own but am nervous about hurting my eyes. It's important to soak for long enough that the wool is wet through, which isn't so easy because of the aforementioned water-resistance. Order a paper zero I love this list! Virginia, I totally agree with you and Allison, I am going to visit my grandmother in New Mexico soon — she was telling me her mother used to make so many cleaning products the same way I do — it is funny, living zero waste is like jumping back in time a couple of generations, it's nothing revolutionary, it has just been forgotten by a lot of people.

This may be a bit graphic, but may hopefully ease some minds and offer advice. I like to keep one in every jacket pocket, the glove compartment, the diaper bag…. Order a paper zero If you are using a safety razor you can prolong the blade life almost indefinitely by rinsing and drying the razor thoroughly after each use, and storing it head down in a small jar of mineral oil.

I can't wear tampons, and disposable pads are so uncomfortable and wasteful! Thank you though for sharing! You motivated me aswell! So far so good!

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So, we have to use plastic garbage bags to keep food garbage contained properly and it cuts down on the smell of decaying garbage. I want to change my life and my parents too and… If I can, some friends hehe. dissertation only phd educational management I once created a huge non-disposables list for 40 people who went off-grid into a three year Buddhist retreat.

At the grocery store, most items were bulk vegetables, nuts, soap, etc. We sell awesome dental floss at Package Free Shop https: You suggested bamboo toothbrush as alternative of plastic toothbrush, it's good. case study writing services research papers Last year I was living in Australia and I started the changes in my life.. Yes, I got really scared but I took a breath in, knowing that this cup is not going to get lost, nor can it stay stuck inside me forever, and I checked the instructions.

Wonderful list and images of conventional products and their alternatives! Hi Lauren, I am making a change in my lifestyle to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I just seem a bit confused about the menstrual cups because are they not plastic in one way or another, can some one please clarify if they degrade over time? Enjoy your Keurig, guilt free!

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TED talks is a great way to spread great ideas to lots of people. Love your list to use less plastic and go re-useable again! Thanks in advance xx. Order a paper zero Hi I am from India. I'm just starting to make changes to my daily routines to make less waste, and I'm realizing I have so much to learn from my grandparents and the way they lived when they were kids.

If you are using a safety razor you can prolong the blade life almost indefinitely by rinsing and drying the razor thoroughly after each use, and storing it head down in a small jar of mineral oil. But what about paper waste? Thank you so much. Order a paper zero Now I use wood bamboo drying racks, I LOVE the look, couldn't stand the look of the plastic ones, plus the plastic ones would collect scum and get yucky. They even have an ecopac option which minimizes packaging to reduce waste!

Plus, there are many health benefits to it too. Never buy water in plastic bottle! Just need to look that you buy the sugar in a paper bag and thats it — no trash! Natural rubber biodegradation is a slow process, but it will eventually biodegrade. Order a paper zero I am happy to read about your implementation for zero waste and recycling to reduce pollution.

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